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About Us


It’s pretty simple. As your partner, your success is directly tied to how well eBizDocs delivers. This customer centric perspective was instilled in the beginning and has continuously driven eBizDocs to new levels since 1999. We serve both private and public-sector organizations and are a preferred source contractor for NYS entities. Sure we have numerous honors and awards, which, paired with satisfied customers, solidifies our status as a dependable leader in the content management industry. While that may provide some comfort, we prefer being judged on what our partnership with you is producing.

Studies estimate that over 80% of business information still exists in the form of paper documents. Valuable paper files are often left inaccessible to employees as they clutter workspace, are misfiled in cabinets, or degrade in off-site storage facilities. By reducing reliance on paper, your business can reclaim valuable workspace, recover lost time, and – most importantly – cut costs associated with inaccessible information.

It is our belief every customer deserves the best possible service, every time. We get you the answers you need in terms you can understand. It is all part of our ongoing commitment to quality and customer service.

Ready to start seeing results? Make eBizDocs your partner – we work for you…. putting INFORMATION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS

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